A review by pari0326
Window Shopping, by Tessa Bailey


I thought I was going to love this book. I mean it is a Christmas romance book written by Tessa Bailey. What could possibly go wrong?

The problem was that in a romance book that generally does not have a strong plot, I need to love the characters, at least one of them which I did for neither of them. Now I know what you are thinking, Aiden is literally perfection, he is sunshine, but his character honestly gave me whiplash. It felt like the author took all parts of what readers like in a boyfriend and combined contradicting personalities. The personality during spice scenes was not something I enjoyed.

As for Stella, I did not like the backstory or the friend. I expected Stella to move on from her friend to show character development. However, Bailey keeps the friend and the toxicity which makes me think how long until that takes over again (hopefully Aiden will help with that).

There was also barely any real conflict and just the characters holding each other back. There was NOTHING at stake. At least it was a quick read.