A review by vibrantcolours
The Unhoneymooners, by Christina Lauren


Ughh I don't know! I think this book achieves what it is trying to do, but I realized too late that I wasn't the best headspace for this type of rom com.

Also, big personal beef near the end:
SpoilerI admit I am not a fan of reading about misunderstanding. The double-whammy of Olive getting fired and Ethan (plus more understandably Ami) not believing her really dented my enjoyment. Forgiving your sister for this, absolutely, but I would find it quite hard to take someone back after that weird disbelief and gaslighting. Like, I'm trying to get it... but yikes. Believe women.

I promise it's not a gatekeepy-thing, just made it less enjoyable. Honestly, after a fun maybe two-thirds of this book, I expected some kind of relational blip, but it was just a giant stream of "oh no oh no" followed by some awkward backpedalling.
That note aside, things did wrap up nicely. I particularly liked the extra depth from how personal growth, purpose, and family played important roles, rather than only showing the romance.

Spoilerinfidelity, jealousy kind of, sexual harassment (not between leads), gaslighting and just all around not great vibes discussed above