A review by leahsbooks
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Did not finish book.
DNF at 15 minutes into the audiobook.

Although I didn't like The Night Circus, I decided to give this book a try after hearing how different this was from Morgenstern's other book. What I learned? Erin Morgenstern's writing just isn't for me. 

This story just didn't hook me. The writing felt pretentious, and I didn't form a connection to Zachary. Everything was told from a distance, and it was all so vague. The beginning of a story needs to entice me to want to read more of it, and this one just didn't do that. I may have stuck it out, but having read the entirety of The Night Circus and finding that it didn't suit my tastes, I figured that I'd save myself the time and effort.