A review by cj_heid
Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming of Age Story, by Stacey Chomiak


From the initial description of this memoir, heck, even the full title, I knew this was going to hit hard. I didn’t expect however to be crying listening to the initial dedication to Stace’s younger-self. I felt wholly seen and understood from the beginning, and continued to through out the story. Even though my own story happened differently than hers I felt like I was reading my own thoughts trying to balance inner-truth and scripture against what the church tried to teach. I could feel the all too relatable fear of your parent’s feelings and expectations. It was liberating to hear another person’s story, especially with an ending so happy. Listening to the author narrating her own story in the audiobook made it almost feel like she were telling me this story over coffee. Additionally, I didn’t realize when I requested the audiobook that this was an illustrated memoir, so afterwards I borrowed a copy from my library to flip through the pictures, and the art is also beautifully done.

thank you to Beaming Books and NetGalley for providing me access to the audiobook ARC of this title.