A review by dozmuttz
Ant-Man: Ant-Niversary by Al Ewing


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Marvel universe’s tiniest hero, Marvel had writer Al Ewing and artist Tom Reilly (with Jordie Bellaire on colors) come up with a fun 4 issue adventure featuring all the people to dawn the Ant-Man moniker. Each issue shows us the different Ant-Men on their own adventures, when suddenly they are visited by a strange teleporting man. He doesn’t say much but seems to be observing the Ant-Men and scanning how they control and use their ants. This man is from the future and could possibly be another Ant-Man. It’s your typical man of the future meets an unbeatable foe, so he travels to the past for help and answers. Bringing together Hank Pym (The OG), Scott Lang (The respectful successor), and Eric O’grady (The mistaken one). Together they use their skills to defeat the toughest opponent either of them has ever faced. Will any of these Ant-Men come out of this un-squashed?

Al Ewing provides such a simple but fun story that takes you from point A to point B with such a breeze. Like mentioned, each issue focuses on all the different Ant-Men throughout different time periods and his way of writing each issue is super fun. There’s parts of the read where Ewing writes in sort of a meta way and it makes for a funny and enjoyable read. All characters are written really well with great chemistry and fun dialogue. There’s also a lot of continuity connections that Ewing throws in but it all feels natural and with his meta way of writing, he kinda does some info-dumping but it doesn’t feel like your usual boring info-dump. It’s a story with charm and feels like its only point is to tell a fun mini-series that also represents the character of Ant-Man well.

Add some really appealing artwork from Tom Reilly with solid colors from Jordie Bellaire and like I mentioned before, this mini-series is charming. Reilly does each issue to kinda fit its ‘era’ but also uses different inking techniques to represent the time travel and setting changes in general. It’s all around great cartooning and feels like a good fit for the character of Ant-Man.

Overall; This wasn’t anything out of this world but it was really creative and fun from issue one to issue four. The artwork was super appealing and made the read feel personal to the character. It’s a fun read to get you hyped for the upcoming ‘Quantumania’ film featuring the tiny avenger. A really fANTastic read, that you should check out c;