A review by jessicacwrites
Obsidian: Last Chapter in Daemon's POV, by Jennifer L. Armentrout


This is such a 2012 book. I mean, duh, that’s when it was written. But, I don’t think I can read books this old anymore.

I had a few issues with this book (and the jokes it made that are not politically correct in today’s world), but the story was decent.

It is definitely a twilight but with vampires. It felt so similar which lowered my enjoyment.

The hate to love trope and slow burn romance made me so happy, though. I have to give it that. THERE WAS SO MUCH ANGST!

Also, the main character is a BOOK BLOGGER/BOOKTUBER !! It was a little disconcerting to read about waiting on wednesday & book hauls, but it was funny (and obviously relatable). The execution felt a little awkward, but it was a cute idea.

I probably won’t continue with this series, but I’m happy I finally read this after hearing about it for so long.