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I Wish You All the Best, by Mason Deaver

challenging emotional hopeful reflective sad medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? It's complicated
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


This book was alright! It wasn't bad but it didn't stand out as a stellar book for myself personally either. I would, however, like to note that I did listen to the audiobook of this and I REALLY think that my opinion of this was influenced by the narrator. They were very flat and the tone really affected the way the characters formed in my mind and made them rather boring. 

That being said, these are the things I did enjoy: 

• I'm glad to read non-binary representation. * See more on this later.
• This book actually did give me some things to ponder regarding my own internalized patriarchal perspectives that I wasn't even aware I had. As a non-binary person, this was so interesting. 
• I liked Ben's sister and how she and her husband Thomas were so willing to support Ben. 
• There's a lot of similarities between this book and some others I read recently. (I both enjoyed and didn't enjoy this fact.) 
• I am glad it has a good ending. 
• It is important to tell stories that show the trauma LGBTQ folks may face. And I think it's important to note that with family trauma, sometimes there is no happy ending. 
• Im glad for mental health and therapy representation.

Things I didn't enjoy as much: 

• I liked a lot of the characters but feel like I barely got to understand any of them. I think they're going to be very forgetable sadly because of this. 
• I kind of wish that this book would have elaborated on how non-binary is an umbrella term and there are a lot of ways one can identify within that. Ben seemed to identify as agender - or lacking any gender. That's just not the only identity non-binary can mean when someone uses that and I wish it would have spoken more on that.
• The therapist seemed a little odd to me. The approach I mean. As someone who works in mental health, it felt as though their approach was more rooted in the therapists goal than Ben's. I prefer person centered approaches and hope to see more of that in books in the future. 
• I've already forgotten bits from this book and I didn't take as many notes since I was often listening when driving. But the fact it's so forgettable to me when I just finished it yesterday is a bit of a bummer. 

Overall, like I said, it wasn't bad and I think some folks are definitely gonna connect with it! 

Trigger warnings: transphobia, family trauma, emotional abuse, homelessness.

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