A review by strikingthirteen
Archie: Varsity Edition Vol. 2 by Mark Waid


Things continue to not go in Archie's favour when it comes to him and Veronica. Despite her father's hatred of him, and Archie's comparably shabby life style in comparison to Veronica's family, they seemed determined to make something work. It's a good and bad characteristic to see in Veronica and I like how well rounded that is when you're used to seeing her a certain way.

My favourite, still, is I think what they've done with Betty and how Betty and Archie's past both informs and uninforms their current relationships. This volume packed a lot of punch without it getting too much and, dang it, I'm hoping the best for this idiot Archie if only for the sake of the people around him!

I miss Fiona Staples and Annie Wu as artists here but Veronica Fish does well in keeping the style going here too. Modern Archie is still working!