A review by vedareadsbooks
A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future, by David Attenborough


Sir David Attenborough has been an inspiration of mine for many years and I predict that he’ll continue to be, throughout my life. His work has been crucial in the understanding of climate change as well as in helping people gain an appreciation for our natural world. While this book may increase your climate anxiety, it is an essential and informative read. However, I was slightly disappointed with how little was mentioned about the importance of veganism and plant-based diets for the future of the planet (although, the fact that it was mentioned at all is definitely worth appreciating). The argument about fishing less now so we can rely more on seafood in the future, was also quite frustrating to read. (Earthling Ed’s video is a great resource and response to Attenbourough’s documentary + book).