A review by biancarosesmith
After Death..., by Allan Izen, Christine Morgan, Sanford Allen, Josh Rountree, Trevor Denyer, Jamie Lackey, Andrew S. Williams, David Tallerman, Steve Rasnic Tem, Simon Clark, Brad C. Hodson, Edward M. Erdelac, Jacob Edwards, Álvaro Rodríguez, James S. Dorr, Joe McKinney, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Robert B. Marcus Jr., Josh Strnad, Bentley Little, Ray Cluley, Larry Hodges, David Steffen, John M. Floyd, Kelly Dunn, Steve Cameron, Kelda Crich, Emily C. Skaftun, Peter Giglio, John Palisano, Eric J. Guignard, John Langan, Jonathan Shipley, William Meikle, Aaron J. French, Lisa Morton


As someone who has experienced a lot of loss within my own life and finds the subject of death and my own mortality absolutely frightening yet fascinating, I was very excited to read this collection of stories which explore the possibilities of what occurs after death.
The collection explores a variety of thought provoking themes within death such as reincarnation, the process of passing over, diverse religions, contemplating of ones life after death, hell etc.

I honestly enjoyed every one of these stories due to the diverse range of directions they took and I was impressed with how deeply the theme of death was explored by the various authors who all contributed to the collection in their unique way.

I did have some personal favourites from the collection though and they include:
⚰️ Sea of trees
An exploration of suicide through the journey of a man grieving for his mother.
⚰️ Circling the stones at fulcrum’s low
A tale of a witch who is pursued by a group of men who ‘shall not let a witch live.’
⚰️ I will remain
This story explores if reincarnation exists and if it does can we change from human to animal?
⚰️ The Overlander
This was set within the harsh outback of Australia where ghosts roamed. I loved the descriptions of the outback.
⚰️ Forever
I cried in this one. My absolute favourite. Not horror but incredibly beautiful. It details the journey of a deceased loved one guiding their loved one as they pass away. It gave me so much hope and and really warmed my heart.
⚰️ A feast of meat and mead
A warrior travels to the Norse land of Valhalla after death.
⚰️ Hammerhead
This is about a hammerhead shark that realises it was reincarnated from a man in its past life and has the opportunity to settle a score with a past enemy.

Very grateful to the editor of this collection, Eric J. Guignard for sending me a free copy in exchange of a fair and honest review.