A review by rainbowbookworm
The Switch by Beth O'Leary


Beth O'Leary's novel is over the top and requires some suspension of disbelief for the grinch inside of us, but it is heartwarming and that is the point. I listened to the audiobook, thanks to an ARC by the publishers and enjoyed the dual narrations by Daisy Edgar-Jones, a young British actress with another audiobook narration in her resumé, and Alison Steadman, a more established British actress with more roles and audiobook narrations under her belt.

They did a fantastic job bring Leena and her grandmother Eileen to life. Leena's adventures in her grandmother's Yorkshire village is a bit on the predicable side, but it still has the appeal of a [a:Sophie Kinsella|6160|Sophie Kinsella|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1245821549p2/6160.jpg] romance.

The true star of the book, however, is Eileen. Like all the characters who first met Eileen in London, I fell in love with this almost octogenarian who was looking for love--and sex!--after her husband left her after many years of unhappy married life. Eileen is a force to be reckoned with. Used to being a community leader and organizer she is quick to identify those in need of companionship in her London community and sets out to do something about as she navigates a relationship app and the men who express interest in her. And yes, her happily-ever-after plot line was predictable as well, but I did not care after all of her adventures in London.