A review by alicia1299
Supper Club, by Jackie Morrow


Overall, I enjoyed this graphic novel. I had slightly higher hopes for it because I assumed the idea of sharing comfort and company over food would be a bigger part. There were a lot of open endings and I was not entirely satisfied by the ending in and of itself. I do appreciate the art and the story but I feel like the whole Supper Club aspect could disappear and be replaced with just like regular hang outs and the book would be that same. And that is what is disappointing because I love reading and talking about food. It is such a unique way to bring people together and I had hoped that the author would incorporate this more, but it fell flat for me. The food that the girls made was not talked about enough for me. Like what’s the story behind these dishes? Why are they important? Where do they come from? What variations are there? The only recipe that was thoroughly talked about was the Italian cookie recipe and I find that a little odd because there were so many other dishes that could’ve really dug into some ethnic backgrounds and history.