A review by ghidoreads
A Deadly Education, by Naomi Novik


So this book was neither plot driven nor was it character driven. On the contrary, they were bland and not memorable. Was the writing magical, also no. So why did I give this book 4 stars (very low 4 borderline 3) and made the decision to continue reading the series, it’s mainly because I really enjoyed how different this school of magic is. It is not your typical school, nor does it offer a traditional education (the education is deadly indeed). I am intrigued and want to know more because book 1 did not offer enough details (even though technically this is what it was meant to do I suppose). Another thing I enjoyed was the internal struggle of El (Galadriel), as she is someone who has every reason to turn dark yet chooses to fight that intuition.

A lot of people wanted to cancel this book because it’s racist among other things, I honestly did not feel this way, yet, I was annoyed at the really subtle indirect jab at Arabs being terrorists. It was unnecessary.

This book is not perfect and I have no idea why it’s considered adult (other than the mention of the “f” word here and there, nothing about this book warrants it to be considered adult). With that said I still think it has potential because the Scholomance is interesting and I have unanswered question that I want to explored.