A review by kyvennauthor
The Finish Line, by Kate Stewart


That prologue? I’m melting and it makes me love Tobias SO much more! This whole book made me know Tobias so much more and I am really grateful for it; Cecelia will forever be a bad bitch, a ride or die type girl, like the ending fight was wild and her revealing everything she did? Hell yeah girl you smarter than anyone gives you credit for, “to get that medicine down. Checkmate my love” HA BADASS; her telling him her entire plan and everything like dude I’m telling you she’s a genius, I did not expect that I was terrified dude; I really loved getting Tobias’s POV on everything; and I love the friendship between Tyler, Sean, Tobias and Cecilia; that epilogue was everything; “save me a seat in the passenger seat” END ME; the last part where Sean is talking to his son, “can you keep a secret?” I about died; I loved this series immensely and it holds such a big part of my heart now