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I REALLY wish I could rate this 3.5 stars, which I think is where I'm most comfortable putting it, but I'll round up for now!

I really enjoyed this, tbh. I thought it was a really interesting take on this particular idea, which has obviously been hugely informed by the Truman show, things like KUWTK, and the impact on culture. This book literally starts with a quote from Nietzsche and another from Kylie Jenner, which is INCREDIBLY funny, and I think sets the tone for the book! There's a lot of Big ideas here, but I don't think it ever takes itself too seriously. There's consideration, without pretension. It's extremely entertaining, too. I don't think it's hard to work out what twists are coming, tbqh, but I don't think the novel's that concerned with keeping secrets from the reader. Secrets, obviously, are a huge thing in this book, where one of the characters is literally a starring member on a futuristic Truman-esque show except they're all very aware of where they are.

It's a smart book, about consumerism and consumption of self. Naturally there's a lot about the construction of the self and the distorted images we present to the world. I think there's some really nice brushes here -- for e.g. the 'villainous' people are nearly always given something, there's a motivation or a moment where their humanity is affirmed.

Sometimes I think this book didn't dig deep enough for me, personally, but I still thought it was a lot of fun to read and I liked spending time in this world and with these characters.