A review by clumsyqueenie
The Bronzed Beasts, by Roshani Chokshi


“History might be shaped by the tongues of conquerors, but it was not a fixed shape or story, and with every object they repatriated, it was like adding or recasting a sentence in a book whose pages were as wide and infinite as a horizon.”

Rating: 4.5/5.0

First off, this book was the best in the trilogy. Although there's stuff that were missing and didn't feel quite right, it was satisfying and so good.

Honestly, the character development was executed the best out of the three books; especially blurring the lines between good and bad, i.e morally gray. Enrique, Zofia and Séverin's arc were the most perfectly done. While I'd love to say the same for Laila and Hypnos, I can't.
The first problem is that Hypnos was more of a comedic relief and a last resort if it ever came to trouble with the Order. Other than that, he wasn't much in the whole series. While I wouldn't be mad at Rosh if she did this in the last book, now I am; especially because in this book, he had a huge room for development. And also the fact that it's been 3 books and we haven't had any significant Hynos POV's. Hypnos, in my opinion, had lots of potential to be a great character, especially since in the one chapter we get in this book, it's talked about how he's kinda told to "keep quiet" and as I said, that'd definitely a catalyst for his development.
And about Laila, her character was done really well, I must agree, but again, there was room for more development, especially her backstory. Other than that, I love the characters and they were written flawlessly.

And the ending was just perfect! It was bittersweet and what can I say? I, at first, felt that the end wasn't done properly but until I reached the very last page, I didn't know how beautifully crafted the ending was. Although I admit, the "twist" in the near end of the book didn't really feel like it and it was kinda predictable, the following pages definitely made up for it. If there's one problem I have with the book other than the ones mentioned above, it's the villains who could be done better. But as this features literal morally gray characters, I guess I would let that go.

Overall, this series was such a rollercoaster to read! I would definitely recommend this!!
I would've honestly finished the book within a day or two if it weren't for my slump which dragged on to a whole month.