A review by aimiller
The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women, by Kate Moore

challenging emotional informative sad tense fast-paced


A really intense, deeply sad and enraging look at the neglect of capitalism, the radium industry, and the way that corporations resist responsibility for harms done on the job. Moore does a great job of humanizing the women who were poisoned by radium, especially in making sure that the extreme pain and decay they lived with never got sort of normalized within the text—each new tooth lost, each sarcoma growth, each limp, had such a significance behind it, and that significance was never lost. It was also written with such obvious care for the women and their families. 

Strongly, strongly recommend for people who haven’t gotten to it yet (I’d been sitting on my copy for like three or four years now, oops,) it’s clearly so well written and such a powerful story that will make you SO MAD but also think more seriously about the impacts of industry. 

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