A review by linseyr
On a Night of a Thousand Stars, by Andrea Yaryura Clark


This book delves into the era of the Argentinian "Dirty War" and the thousands of people forcibly "disappeared" during that time.
We follow the Larrea family- Santiago and Lila, and their adult daughter Paloma- in the late 90's as Santiago returns to his native Argentina from America to accept a UN position. Highly regarded in elite society, the family has quite the surprise when their party is interrupted by an old friend. Grace has secrets to share, and Paloma wants to get to the bottom of them.
At the same time we see what life was like in the late 70's for a young Santiago in Argentina. Political discourse abounds, people disappear left and right, and everyone's lives seem to hang in the balance.
I didn't know a whole lot about this era in history in South America and it was interesting to hear about the people who disappeared. This book was beautifully written, tugged at the heartstrings, and made me want to know more about Argentina's Dirty War and the innocent people who are affected to this day.
Thanks, NetGalley, for the eARC. I thoroughly enjoyed it.