A review by robotswithpersonality
Fauna by Christiane Vadnais

There's a point at which evocative surrealism eliminates sense-making and this is on the wrong side of that borderline. Also, gross and disturbing. 
Would not advise eating while reading. 
There were moments clearly outlining one version of our world a few years in the future where climate change has made things worse for everybody, and humanity's unchecked negative actions to continue to deteriorate the environment, but overall the novella is too disjointed. It doesn't come across as a teaching moment, just a dystopian backdrop. 
On the side of the yikes: it's never explicitly conveyed as ED, but there are MANY moments showcasing different behaviours that mimick disordered eating and it's effects, those currently struggling or recovering, be aware. 

⚠️SA, animal death, abuse, body horror