A review by zombi02
B*witch by Paige McKenzie, Nancy Ohlin


Im so upset! I was so looking forward to this! I think there were too many POV and no real main character. I also felt like there was a lot going on but nothing happened. I thought they would go more into some of the characters, like would Ridley come out as trans (to her family or to her friends), would we find out more about Greta and Divs relationship and if there were still feelings there? What happened to Mrs O’shea? Who’s Margaret? Was Conrads family really antima? Was Div getting knocked out important? Too many plot holes and no conformation on a sequel. Also the end happened very fast and nobody remembers it! Whats the point? I would be interested in reading a continuation of this, if there is one, for more answers and hopefully character development. I just think the book was a bit of a mess.