A review by princess_bookhart
The Empress of Time by Kylie Lee Baker

Did not finish book. Stopped at 29%.
💀DNF 6/3/24 - chapter 9, page 114 / 29% 💀

I was very hesitant to start this one, given how I felt about the ending of the previous book. The Goodreads reviews for this one were higher than those of the first book, which has to mean it gets better right?

No, it did not get better. This book starts 10 years after the end of the first one, yet somehow Ren was even worse. She had become so manipulative, on top of being a whining child. When she finally meets up with her brother, she couldn’t understand why he hated her so much and why they were no longer close like they used to be.

Unfortunately, I found this book to be not only frustrating, but I was becoming more and more bored with it.