A review by classyklassen
Cleopatra and Frankenstein, by Coco Mellors


 wow this was great! i didn't realise that this was one of those books that weaves in and out following different characters that are all semi-connected when I first began and I'm glad I didn't cause I usually hate those stories for no reason and I might not have picked it up. I'm so so glad that I kept with it despite not liking the format because I actually really really enjoyed it and hearing the different perspectives of the other characters really enhanced the story!!! i think because we spent such long chapters with each character and their story progresses passed their own chapter this was very satisfying for me to read. i can't think of more to say but I may edit this post with more thoughts because wow!! i just want to discuss this book with someone via voicenotes because I think that's what this book deserves, if I ever end up starting a book club I think this will be my first pick!