A review by theresidentbookworm
Black Widow #2, by Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto


The Best of: Shanghaied (Black Widow #2)

1. Natasha taking full responsibility of herself and mistakes made on jobs.

2. Natasha on ethics: "Picking your own jobs means you get to exercise your own ethics. But ethics isn't a science. Which is to say... You do your best... But that doesn't make you right."

3. Seeing how well Natasha can read the shit out of people. I would really like that skill.

4. Natasha on the dangers of routine: "Jobs can feel familiar, but familiarity is a dangerous feeling. In espionage and mercenary work, there's no such thing as routine."

5. Isaiah being a total badass in his own right: refusing to divulge the Black Widow's whereabouts AND bugging the guy who wanted to know so he can spy on him.

6. "My past is my own."

7. Natasha and Isaiah's conversation in his car. Also, Isaiah "taking care of business"! Can I repeat again that he is a badass.

8. Natasha's neighbor Ana insisting that Liho waits around the neighborhood for her.

9. Natasha apologizing the (cute) cat: "I can't let you in. I'm sorry. That's one mistake I won't make twice."

10. Recommended!