A review by kirsten0929
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay


[2014] Such a fan of her work. I find her writing clear, unadorned, straightforward - no airs and graces here - without sacrificing intelligence, nuance, humor or beauty. Her writing is easy on my ears (eyes?) which makes it so much easier to stay with the complex, multilayered issues she is tackling. So much has happened in the last five years, I couldn’t help thinking, Girl, if only you knew then what we know now! Much of this book made me intensely angry in a way that not many things do. I didn’t realize this was a collection of essays previously published elsewhere, so I did have to adjust to that. May have preferred fewer of the movie-review style essays - although they were really interesting and insightful, too - and instead maybe a few more essays from her own experiences. There wasn’t a lot about the general subject matter that I wasn’t already familiar with, but her personal take on it, her own experiences and perspectives taught me a lot. By the way, imho, she is a most excellent feminist.