A review by jenniferforjoy
Not Your Idol, Vol. 2, by Aoi Makino


Recommended: sure
For a continuation from part 1, for more exploration into side characters

This followup installment was more thoughtful than the first installment, with less action. This section of chapters focuses more on the people and investigating their motivation. As is expected from a second set, we get a look into the people around Kamiyama and dig deeper into her own emotions and motivation.

Our focus is on Hariuchi (the boy you might have to hate from Volume 1) and his family, as well as Miku Nagasu (the girl you probably kind of hate from Volume 1). For some people that might sound frustrating, if you're the kind of reader who wants to stick with the MC and the MC only, but I promise it all connects together! Even when it might feel like it's unrelated to the central plot, everything weaves in eventually and tightens the web between each character that much more. Learning who is in Kamiyama's life enhances the experience of learning about her life.

The art style is familiar from the first volume, with no drastic changes. You'll recognize the characters easily! The humor is toned down a bit from Volume 1, but it still sparks up once or twice. Overall, this was a more serious and somber addition. The first page includes a brief recap on main characters and plot points as well, which was a nice touch. I went into it remembering more or less what had happened, but it reminded me of a few side points that were a useful reminder to add meaning to the upcoming events.

And yes: this one also left off on a cliffhanger, so I am again quite eager for the next installment!!!

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