A review by pageturnersandsweettea
Christy, by Catherine Marshall


When I think of timeless classics, I think of books like this. This book, this amazingly written, profoundly captivating novel of a young woman who seeks to help the children of a small Tennessee town. Growing up, I remember watching Christy on TV with my mom. We would snuggle on the couch and watch as Kellie Martin and Tyne Daly would take over our TV. It was a wonderful show, and the book was just as wonderful.

Ms. Marshall's story of young Christy Huddleston is based on true life. I loved the attention to detail she put into the story. I was transported to Cutter Gap instantly and fell in love all over again with Christy, the men who care for her and the sweet children she yearns to help. The families among Cutter Gap are pieced together perfectly and really came to life for me.

This novel is one that will hit home with any reader who picks it up. There are messages from God woven in, ones the Christy Huddleston seeks for herself, and it's beautiful. Ms. Marshall had a truly talented knack for weaving a fiction novel based on the life of her mother and creating a story that will steal the reader's soul. This is beyond 5 star worthy and I will be keeping this on the shelf for many years to come!

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