A review by wmainwold
What Is the What, by Dave Eggers


I would recommend this book to EVERYONE!

It was really good. Long (my version was 530+ pages), but worth it. This book has everything: it will make you laugh, cry, feel sadness and joy and appreciation and shame and leave you with a new perspective on human suffering and, more importantly, the strength of the human spirit. Its beautifully written, engaging, and enlightening. It's also, I think, meant to be a call to action.

There were parts that were very hard to read, and they are mostly concentrated at the beginning of the book. Force your way through these tough parts, as what you will learn and feel at the end of the book is totally worth it!

PS - Eggers is the man for taking so much time learning, reading, and writing this wonderful story, only to have all the proceeds donated away. I love him even more now!