A review by claudia_is_reading
Trigger, by Jessica L. Webb


Well, this was a surprisingly good read. You need a little bit of suspension of belief when it comes to science, but other than that, this was a superb read.

The storyline advanced slowly at the beginning, which suited the story perfectly. But once that it picked speed? It was impossible to stop reading. The suspense was thick and the stakes high, holding me glued to the book.

And for a romance, the characters didn't spend too many time together *laughs* But I liked how organically it develops. Andy and Karen are both women used to stressful situations, albeit in different circumstances, both competent, smart and resourceful. They are strong in different ways, and although Andy has all that strong-and-silent thing going on, you can feel how she begins to get drawn to Karen.

The secondary characters, Jack and Althea particularly, are fully fleshed and more than literary devices. Their personality comes through with clarity and they are interesting and easy to understand. As a matter of fact, I would like to see a bit more of Jack myself :P

I think this is a series, and if it so, I'll get the next book ASAP.