A review by klieber
The Wolf Worlds by Allan Cole, Chris Bunch


It's a good book. Not a great book. Just a good one. If you want some literary junk food to help mindlessly pass a long flight, and you enjoy military science fiction, this one is right up your alley. If you want detailed world-building or richly-developed characters, not so much.

The authors take a LOT of artistic license in asking the readers to accept things at face value about the world they present. (such as: the emperor, being one man, can somehow rule an empire well north of 1000 worlds) They also leave vast, gaping aspects of the world left unexplained, such as why one person is seemingly immortal, yet nobody else is.

That said, it's a fun read with lots of action. On the literary scale, it's more like fast food than haute cuisine. And closer to McDonald's than Chipotle.