A review by blueyorkie
Propeller Island, by Jules Verne


A reasonably average Jules Verne. In an extravagant new venture, wealthy Americans have financed a vast artificial island driven by propellers and equipped with the latest equipment. They will cross the Pacific to pursue the ideal climate and visit several archipelagos. The characters are stereotyped in the usual J. Verne way. We mainly follow a quartet of musicians invited to the island: a serious one, a stubborn curmudgeon, a pleasant joker and a dreamy poet. Among the notables of the island, there is the lively Calistus Munbar, inspired by a certain Barnum. The cruise is not very hectic at first, but a lot will happen, the adventures spreading out in an exponential crescendo. Not so bad, but in my opinion, Jules Verne has already been more in verve.