A review by erin_boyington
The True Queen, by Zen Cho


My love for Sorcerer to the Crown remains unchanged, but my complaint with this sequel is that it barely has any trace of Zacharias and Prunella, who I ship forever. Muna and Sakti just don't have the same power in my imagination, and Mak Genggang is gone too soon. (I 100% wanted a story about the sorceress suffragette movement!)

The romance in the end felt a bit out of the blue - maybe I just missed the signals? And Muna is supposed to be smart, so her missing the glaringly obvious truth about herself seems out of character. It takes away much of the narrative tension of the book's last half.

Anyway, my assessment is purely individual and there are plenty of others who have loved this second book just as much as the first. (It's the reaction of someone who expected something salty and got sweet instead!)