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Ocean Light, by Nalini Singh


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I have been anxiously waiting for this book and I have to say I had a blast with this story, I won't say that its my favorite of the Psy Changelings (think book one of the trinity series I liked a bit more...but I will explain further below) however this was so unique because unlike "Silver Silence" where we interacted with the Bear clan...in this book we dealt with the  Black Sea changeling which is very diverse in their changelings. There isn't just one species we have Octopus, Sharks, Orca's, Dolphins, Whales and more. And it was fun seeing the various species being revealed. Black Sea changelings are super secretive, so if you are a stranger it takes a while before trust builds enough to trust that person with your other form and it was sweet seeing these moments of revealing and so many fun characters you fall in love with. The Black Sea changelings have been really secretive through the series so I was beyond excited to see more of them.

The story begins with a human named "Bo" who is also part of the leadership of the Human Alliance. He has integreated a chip in his brain to help aid in Psy attacks against humans, is not working right and he only has a few weeks to live and then he meets the chef of the underwater compound....Kaia Luna. Now Bo doesn't trust Psy or Changelings since he has seen some evil acts by both but I felt like Bowen understand that not all of them are bad especially when he meets Kaia Luna. Kaia lost her parents when she was young and doesn't trust humans at all. I did feel like she was very strong in her dislike of Bowen and obviously doesn't trust him at all and makes it clear to him. What I didn't really like especially at first, is the racism that these two characters have. Its the strongest I have ever seen in a Singh novel before and it did take a bit longer to read this story because of it.

However there were so many other fun aspects to the story and once Bowen and Kaia get over the prejudice they have...then the story really picks up and I loved the mystery and the intrigue and how protective the changelings are of each other. We see a mystery solving who is the betrayer of the clan here and also why their people are disappearing. I was intrigued to see some of old characters we just love such as Hawke and Kaleb. We also see some fantastic pack dynamics. It was interesting because the Black Sea changelings don't have the Dominant/Submissive straight up roles that other changeling packs and clans seem to have. They don't put a name to it, it just seems to flow and balance out their clan.
“I love you, Kaia Luna.” Never had he spoken those three words to a lover. “With all of the man I am, the good and the bad, the mistakes and the glories. I love you to the depths of my being."

The romance that builds between Bowen and Kaia was unique, and really gives you all the feels here. Its pretty intense at times, and we see them overcome some difficult struggles so that they can be together including Bowen having a ticking time bomb in his brain. But it goes further than just the fact that Bowen has a low chance of survival. But Bowen is the one leader in the Alliance that keeps them on the straight and narrow line and too many other seek power and to take Alliance to different levels that are pretty evil. And Kaia can't be on land, her fear and panic consumes her and has to be medicated. Its a whole "bird and fish" falling in love with each other and we see how these two face great odds to find their HEA and the ending was so beautifully done and simply right for these two!!! I can't wait to see what will come next.


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