A review by errantreads
Savage Bounty, Volume 2, by Matt Wallace

adventurous dark tense medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? No


Fantasy, but light on the fantastical, this series is a real breath of fresh air. Fantasy for adults, one might say. It has a narrative that evokes Asimov to me for some reason. I really enjoy this series and hope that book 3 is not too far behind. Recommend.

Criticism of the publisher: really wish the publisher would produce hardcovers for books 2 and 3 and not just for book 1. It's just unprofessional. Commit or don't commit, not something in between. Or hell, give the author self-publishing rights to the hardcovers if you won't follow through.

Oh! Not that it matters all that much, but the covers are just bitchin'!