A review by acharvon
This Is Not a Love Song by Brendan Mathews


Thank you to Goodreads and Little Brown for the giveaway copy to review!

A story co-narrated by brothers, another told through photos, accidental arson, family communication with critical details left out, couples at each others' throats but coming together once they realize the internal experience of the other.

Brendan Mathews' short stories manage to place you in the world of the characters within a few short paragraphs. Short stories often struggle to achieve the depth of a well-written novel, but these don't have that problem. Mathews writes judiciously, using just enough details to fully shape each character as a person. Though not mystery stories, the plots unfold over time and leave you with just enough suspense to notice when your questions are answered in a few short pages.

If you're looking for some short stories to immerse yourself in and enjoy, this is an excellent collection to choose.