A review by basicquartz
Run, Rebel, by Manjeet Mann


CW: Alcoholism, domestic abuse
Characters: Amber, her best friends David and Tara (a crystal fix), her parents, her sister Ruby
Plot: Amber lives with her two parents. She and her mother need to escape (or "rebel") from her abusive husband. Meanwhile, Amber struggles with letting go of resentment towards an old friend, Gemma, feeling left out by her friends Tara and David, her crush on David, wanting to compete in track 200m against her father's wishes and missing her sister Ruby who moved out to an arranged marriage. This novel explores issues related to feminism, gender roles and honour killings and racism as Amber is Indian, and she feels the disappointment of not being a boy while being shamed for hanging out with friends and running.
Opinion: Some of these poems were very hard-hitting and impactful, and is a structurally interesting choice to portray trauma and systemic issues. However some of the poetry was not as powerful.