A review by abookishblether
Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson


Technically DNF @ 75%

I get that its probably considered sacrilege to actively dislike a Brando Sando book, but I can't lie about this one. Elantris is failed by such a strong reliance on the "I'm not like other girls" brand of feminism and unrealistic main characters.

We have two main characters: Sarene, the Princess of a neighbouring country who is betrothed to the Raoden, the Prince of Kae. Sarene travels from her home to marry the Prince who sadly is struck by the Shaod and must be sent into the city of Elantris where all the others cursed by Shaod magic have to live. Raoden immediately upon learning the new rules of life in Elantris decides to pick the city up by its bootstraps and turn this curse into a positive. He is relentlessly positive after being told he's essentially a zombie with no hope for a future. Also, every person he recruits to his cause to make Elantris great again seems to magically have the skills he needs. The one of those scenes goes:

Raoden: Hey, wanna join us?
Recruits: Yes, sounds good. What can we do for you?
Raoden: Well if only I had someone skilled enough to build a roof.......