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Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Venom by


I haven't seen the Venom film (yet!) but I just about died over Sony's holidays DVD/Blue-ray advert so hell yes I'm going to read up on the Venom comics before I watch it next week.

I love Venom in these stories. I even love Eddie. He looks like a bruiser with an IQ of 10, but bro is erudite and is 100% on board with Venom's "no innocents are going to get hurt on my watch" attitude. It's all so over the top and hilarious.

So why only 3 stars? Because of the rest of the content. Specifically the 80's writing style of recapping All The Things and telling the reader Every Little Thought Peter Has. And the Parker's drama. So. Much. Drama. It's really difficult to care about anything that's going on in his "real life" when it reads like the worst soap opera of all time.