A review by innae
Deadly After Dark by Michael Garrett, Jeff Gelb


I enjoyed some stories more than others, but they were all good reads. I marked my favorites with a purple pen in the contents page.

"Mr. Torso" - Edward Lee - a little sick, but a really good horror story, and sadly, just a little believable

"A Moment of Ecstasy" - Graham Watkins - Another sick one, I wonder what this says about me?

"Immaterial Girl" - Michael Garrett - I have seen and read similar stories of the "trapped" in a body stories -- this one was good.

"The Last Client" - Jeff Gelb - more than the story, I just like the way this one was written. That hope was there, and then dashed away.

"Yet Another Poisoned Apple for the Fairy Princess" - A.R. Morlan - and intriguing twist on the "evil" witch versus the "good" Fairy Princess

"Sex Starved" - Edo van Belkom - another sick one, and it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth -- or a bad image in your mind, either way....

"The Rose" - Jack Ketchum - a nice story of revenge, I enjoyed it lots

"The Numbers Game" - Bentley Little - maybe I just enjoyed this one as my new boyfriend is a mathematician/computer guy.