A review by chezler24
The Copenhagen Trilogy: Childhood; Youth; Dependency, by Tove Ditlevsen

dark emotional reflective sad slow-paced


I was not previously familiar with this author's works prior to reading this series of memoirs by her so it was interesting to see this person's life from youth going into adulthood. At moments, it was hard for me to fully connect with Ditlevsen and her choices; however, this could easily be explained by generational and cultural (and honestly just personal) differences. It was interesting to see the development of a woman writer and a poet as she had to deal with a poor upbringing, difficulties being taken seriously, and the expectations of a woman/mother. The turn at the end with the addiction and rehab kind of caught me off guard. Up until then Tove had been able to handle and work through any difficulties, but this particular thing (exacerbated by her husband's psychosis) really hampered her writing and overall quality of life until she was able to find a more stable sense of recovery. Collectively, this is a raw, intimate look into the life of an individual.   

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