A review by wherepoetsdie
I'm Afraid of Men, by Vivek Shraya


Holy shit, this was so, so GOOD!

I practically flew through this with an eagerness i rarely have had the pleasure to experience.
Vivek Shraya’s mind is brilliant. Her take on the gender binary, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny are incredibly insightful and more nuanced than many observations of other feminist writers. Shraya’s dismantles fallacies and assumptions about gender with such an ease that you cannot not be drawn in by her arguments.
While this short text has fewer than 100 pages, it is substantial in a way that some 300+ pages books are not, as there is so much condensed knowledge and vulnerability in I’m Afraid of Men.
Frankly, I was quite disappointed when I reached the final page because I’m sure this book only scratches on the surface of everything Shraya’s mind has to offer.

I believe this is an essential read for everyone with an interest in non-fiction feminist writing and has a bone-deep desire to become a more understanding, compassionate human being.