A review by addydeejreads
Hoodoo Heaven by Reggi Dupree


Wow that was fun! I can't say when I last read a book that was just enjoyable simply because. I will say that if lots of pop culture references aren't your thing, then you likely won't have as much fun with this novella as I did. I admit that sometimes those references took me out of the fantasy of it but they were fun nonetheless.

I found myself nodding along with Gwendolyn's sass and quick remarks. Her inner thoughts were always a joy and had me laughing more often than not. While she's often portrayed as a strong female lead, she definitely has those bouts of insecurity that make her relatable on so many levels.

Trying to outrun a curse that she doesn't really know much about and unsure of who to trust? What more could anyone want. Let's throw in some magic and monsters, and the sex on a page Ash? Sold. It packed everything I could want in a prequel and set up what I can assume will be the rest of the series, very nicely. It gave me enough of the world that I was interested, enough sass to be invested and love Gwen and an ending that has me salivating for more.