A review by sierranevada005
Archenemies, by Marissa Meyer


Wow! I read the first Renegades book like two years ago and loved it, but for whatever reason I never picked up the sequel. But a few days ago I needed an audiobook ASAP, and this was the first one that was available on the library app. After a bit of plot googling, I immediately fell back into the familiar characters and story. I LOVE the concept of this story. The superheroes and alter egos and secrets and intrigue makes me so happy. The relationship between Nova and Adrian took center stage in this specific book, and I was living for it. Marissa Meyer does such a great job building a world that you can feel immersed in and characters you can see as real people. Plus the voice actors in the audio were so good! 100% a five star listen. Jumping into the final book next!