A review by clem_mathieu
Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon


Haley is a teenage girl with very overprotective twin older brothers. So, when the popular Bryce Colton starts a rumor that he hooked up with her, she uses it as blackmail to force him into a fake month long relationship. By that, she hopes to get the boys to see her as dateable and make sure the other Haley's boyfriend doesn't beat up Bryce for sleeping with her.

While I liked the synopsis of this book and thought it would be super cute, I was slightly disappointed by the execution. Bryce's feelings were all over the place and it felt a lot like he was using Haley until the very end. He didn't treat her well and acted like a brat every time he didn't control everything around him. Haley was very dramatic and kept trying to trick Bryce into liking her, but I like how she acted at the gala and how driven she is to help animals. I loved Jane and Nathan's relationship and felt like they had a healthy relationship. The only negative about them is the fact that they highlighted everything wrong in Haley and Bryce's relationship.