A review by ablondebooknerd
Anna K Away, by Jenny Lee


After the tragic ending of Anna K, Jenny Lee brings us back to Anna K and her grieving family and friends. I absolutely loved the modern retelling of Anna Karenina in Anna K and was so curious to see where Jenny Lee would take her characters since there isn’t any source material for her to adapt from any longer. I think she did a fantastic job and that each character’s actions and growth felt true for their character.

The second half of Anna K Away slowly brings back the delicious rich kids behaving badly material that makes us obsessed with books like Gossip Girl and Crazy Rich Asians. Like Steven K planning the extravagant Summertime Funtime party. Or Beatrice flying her and her new beau to Sayulita to go surfing on a whim.

I also really liked that Anna K Away takes place mostly outside of NYC. Anna K’s storyline in Seoul with a K-pop band was so fun to read!

All in all, this was a great summer escapism read!