A review by briesespieces
Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett


Y'ALLLLLLL !! Oh. My. Word . And my is Pratchett a master of words ! I absolutely loved this. This book was so damn beautiful in every sense . The characters , the dialogue , the witty banter, all the fucking elements that came together to form this book were truly magical . It definitely did take me a long time to read but it was worth it .
The last parts of the book were so comical I had to pause and laugh every minute because I just couldn't take it . I was guffawing in pure admiration . I don't even like sports but who knew Pratchett could turn something I found so dreary into a masterful bundle of fun and information.
The world of Ankh-Morpork was detailed so very well with it's inhabitants and their diversity . And talking about diversity, the little love stories he allowed to blossom were so damn cute and with just the right doses. I love you Terry . Imma hop onto your next book real quick .