A review by rosereadseverything
Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson

Did not finish book.
Put it down at 8%. I know where the story was going. It’s too obvious, and I honestly don’t want to read a novel like this right now. The other day my mutual on Tik Tok asked if readers separate black trauma from white trauma. And I’m starting to realize I don’t sometimes, at least the trauma that is personal to me. I think as a black woman who experienced some of what enchanted probably will Is different from what a white woman would or does go through. The justice is different, the awareness is different, the trauma is different. Again I said different not more or less important or difficult. Just different. It’s personal. So yea. I do sometimes. Representation is important, I want to see myself, but I don’t wanna see myself go through things I’ve already went through. At least not right now on June 18, 2022 during pride and a day before Juneteenth.