A review by sarcrawsh
Crazy People: The Crazy for You Stories by Jennifer Crusie


This is a newly released collection of short stories that Crusie wrote while in school that culminated in her novel "Crazy for You." the stories were great, vignettes of characters and situations. My favorite was the letter written by Darla's sister, Debbie, to her husband, Ronnie, after he runs off with the Bank Slut.

I was a little confused about the years and the timing, since I assumed "Crazy for You" took place in 1999 when it was written; apparently it originally took place in the 80s? It does drive me nuts when writers take liberty with years and ages and don't explain why or what they've done. Crusie had such great background she provided about the assignments that led to each story that it made me even more frustrated that she never touched on the WHEN the novel took place.