A review by sff_reads
Unanimity, by Alexandra Almeida


Perfect for lovers of unique and ambiguous characters, intrigue, world building, and an originally crafted story.

Unanimity presented a wealth of creativity and thought-provoking ideas. The cast of characters combined to make this a page-turner from start to finish. It did take a chapter or two to settle in and keep the characters straight– including their digital identities. The interactions between all of the characters was a huge highlight for me. Their dialogue and interaction created fluidity between scenes. The story was well paced.

I enjoyed the spiral world multiverse aspect. The world-building had to have been a daunting task to create and I applaud Almeida for a phenomenal job well done. I loved how each spiral world embodied something unique for the humans to confront. The story becomes quite immersive and exciting.

When you sit and wrap your mind around the idea of a digital world, the concept is incredibly fascinating. It was a cool take on the idea behind gods and miracles for those in the digital world.

The action starts immediately from page one and never relents as the characters are all vying for positions within this world that has the potential to bring about great change.