A review by pagesofahrya
I'm Afraid of Men, by Vivek Shraya


quotes that really hit home and need to be out there:

“Most men don’t think they’re misogynists, let alone think they have misogynist attitudes or engage in misogynist behaviours. Just as those who exhibit racist tendencies wouldn’t classify themselves as racist, few men would admit to hating women or believe they hate women.”

“I think Indian philosophies and Aboriginal philosophies have something to offer us here: there is possibly a “way to live in harmony with the earth and the elements whereby we understand it and we don’t destroy it for the future generations; which is why my plays talk so much—to put it as simply as I can—of the return of the goddess, the displacement of god as a man, and the establishment of god as a woman. It’s about the return of women’s dominion to women; I think “man” deserves to be put in his place.”