A review by tatahababa
Act Your Age, Eve Brown, by Talia Hibbert


***Received ARC via Goodreads Giveaways.

Due to unfortunate personal circumstances, I had to keep this one as a break in case of an emergency read. And I'm so glad that I did. My initials namesake just knows how to present flaws in her protagonists without making them appear as entitled assholes. A big reason I'm very picky with my contemporary reads is either the sheer black & white of the narrative/characters or it's so outlandish why not slap paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi romance on it instead?
Talia gives you contemporary that feels real, genuine, and can escape to. It's not an easy combination and she does it flawlessly here. Even with the "third act" break up that I knew was coming but also dreading, I still understood why that happens. How the couple handles it, in the end, is what makes or breaks the HEA for me. This was absolute Sunshine. :)